2011 So Far…

[Note: This post is from a Who-kNews?-Letter: Special Bulletin I sent in Feb. ’11 to only the Midwest for shows in Chicago IL and Madison WI]

I rounded the corner of 2010 on a holiday tour with Béla Fleck and the Flecktones and finished out the year with the Zac Brown Band for two hometown shows – Nashville (me home) and Atlanta (ZBB home).

Please enjoy the following countdown to 2011 from stage during an intimate moment with the Zac Brown Band…and 18,000 Atlantans. (If you don’t see the video, follow this link right here.)

Since then, I’ve been laying low at home – actually spending quite a bit of time in the studio.  I recorded for the Flecktones new record, the Greencards upcoming release, Jonathan Scales next album, and for a few songwriters in town.

Starting at the end of May, I hit the road with the Flecktones as they tour their upcoming album – marking a reuniting with harmonica madman and original member Howard Levy.  I’ll be out with them for the better part of a year… meaning fewer Casey & the Colorfools sightings…


Please join Matt Mangano [bass], Jano Rix [drums], and myself for a bit of toe tapping.  I’ll also be giving a fiddle workshop in Frankfort, IL on the afternoon of the 19th at Down Home Guitars.


One last quick note…I’ve also been in the video studio this year.  I’m working on a series of downloadable lessons for fiddlers and violinists.  Keep and eye out for more info on that as it becomes available.


I’ll leave you with a few photos from recent wanderings.
Hope to see you in a couple days!

[Happiest hydrant I’ve seen – and I’ve seen a lot]

[I feel like everyone that’s been to Seattle probably has this picture]

[The car wash is just one thing that is better at night]

[The street lamp with two brains]

[Because without this setting, we’d all miss out on PopTart perfection]

[Just for the record: me within the first (wee) hours of 2011]

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