DAY 2 – Bluegrass Week @ Augusta


First things first: move our chairs outside.  Next, review yesterdays tune.  Now, pick a new one. When talking about material the day before with my students, I learned that neither knew a jig (a tune in 6/8). It’s time we remedied that. I could have chosen a really simple introductory one, like Irish Washerwoman, but these are my advanced fiddlers. I chose a three part jig by a current musician, Tim O’Brien. It’s a tune that I’ve loved since I first heard it when I was a wee lad. I teach it often in hopes that it may work its way into the jamming repertoire.  The tune is Land’s End (D).

In the afternoon, we expanded our backup chops by learning a 6/8 groove to play with Land’s End. Though starting off with basic chop mechanics, the end of the session had a realized chop with bass notes and weaving melodic lines.

Tomorrow, I’ve asked them to bring mandolins to fiddle class.


My buddy Mark Schatz (great bassists, old-time banjoist, clogger) is here at the camp working with Footworks Percussive Dance Ensemble. We met up in the camp jam location to rehearse a few tunes for the upcoming Footworks concert, and then morphed into a jam. We visited tunes recorded for Mark’s latest record, Steppin’ In the Boiler House. Mark writes great new interesting fiddle tunes that sound like old fiddle tunes.

Arkansas Traveler (D) Bela Fleck and the Flecktones - Tales from the Acoustic Planet - Arkansas Traveler (Acoustic Version)
Old Dangerfield (A) Darol Anger and the American Fiddle Ensemble - Republic of Strings - Old Dangerfield
Duck River (D) Art Stamper - Wake Up Darlin' Corey - Duck River
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss (D) The New Lost City Ramblers - The Early Years, 1958-1962 - Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss (Pretty Little Miss)
Calgary (D) Mark Schatz - Steppin' In the Boiler House - Calgary
Rig Root (G) Mark Schatz - Steppin' In the Boiler House - Rig Root
Cajun Stomp (A) Mark Schatz - Steppin' In the Boiler House - Cajun Stomp
Last Old Dollar (G) Mark Schatz - Steppin' In the Boiler House - Last Old Dollar

Happy Tuesday. See you Wednesday,


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