DAY 2 – Targhee Bluegrass Camp


We started off today with a review of our melody and double-stop versions of Blue Ridge Cabin Home. It was then time to work on 3 of 4 different ways of playing fiddle accompaniment.

1) The Chunk: This is a short and articulate down bow on beats 2 & 4 in which the chord (a double-stop on lowest two strings) is heard.

2) The Shuffle: This is a generally constant 8th note ‘sawing’ motion of the bow. Rocking between strings is welcome. We tried emphasizing beats 2 & 4 as well as repeating this pattern of accented 8th notes: 3,3,3,3,4.

3) The Chop: This is the highly percussive punchy transient backup. Beats 1 & 3 are bass note double-stops while beats 2 & 4 are the crunchy “chop.”  8th note subdivisions are welcome. We created walking bass note double-stop lines for the chords on Blue Ridge Cabin Home and worked out 4/4 and half-time versions.


This was a workshop given with banjoist  Tony Trischka and fellow fiddler Brian Wicklund. We discussed and demonstrated how to listen to your fellow jammers and play off each other.  Here are the tunes we played:

Limehouse Blues (C)Django Reinhardt - The Best of Django Reinhardt - Limehouse Blues
Wheel Hoss (G)Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys - Bill Monroe CD C: 1954-1957 - Wheel hoss
Lonesome Moonlight (Dm)Kenny Baker - Spider Bit the Baby! - Lonesome Moonlight Waltz
Foggy Mtn Breakdown (F, E, A, Ab, G)Flatt & Scruggs - Foggy Mountain Breakdown - Foggy Mountain Breakdown
Big Scioty (G)Jerry Douglas, Edgar Meyer & Russ Barenberg - Skip, Hop and Wobble - Big Sciota


I worked on these items with various students in 20min individual sessions.

Angelina Baker (D) and various likely bowings;

• Straight full bows with an exercise to pinpoint the 7 different planes of bowing existence;

• More intricate chop patterns and study.

• Loosening the right bow wrist and finger joints to increase dexterity and bow speed.


Tyler Grant and Tony Trischka and I joined forces for tonight’s jam.

Blackberry Blossom (G) The Tony Rice Unit - Manzanita - Blackberry Blossom
Sandy Boys (A)Lissa Schneckenburger and Bruce Rosen - Phantom Power - Sandy Boys
Clinch Mountain Backstep (A)Ralph Stanley - The Very Best of Ralph Stanley - Clinch Mountain Backstep
Fisher’s Hornpipe (D)Mike Marshall & Chris Thile - Into the Cauldron - Fisher's Hornpipe
Red Haired Boy (A)Tony Rice - California Autumn - Red Haired Boy
I’ll Fly Away (F)Benny Martin & Don Reno - True Bluegrass Gospel - I'll Fly Away
Westphalia Waltz (G)Kenny Baker & Bobby Hicks - Darkness On the Delta - Westphalia Waltz
Dixie Breakdown (G)Don Reno & Red Smiley - Bluegrass Is Timeless: Stonewall's Brigade - Dixie Breakdown


Here’s a view from one of my walk/jogs up on the mountain.


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