Day 3 @ Mark O’Connor’s Fiddle Camp


We’re over (as my friend calls it) humpday…that’s midweek, people. Strangers are now friends and friends are, well, better friends. Buddy Spicher’s western swing band played in the pavilion and we all cut a concrete rug. Girls danced with girls. Boys sometimes danced with girls. I didn’t notice any boys dancing with boys. But hey, anything can happen at camp.

Casey’s Camp Jam Hour

Black & White Rag (G)Johnny  Gimble - The Texas Fiddle Collection - Black & White Rag
Grey Eagle (A)Luke & Jenny Anne Bulla - Luke and Jenny Anne Bulla - Grey Eagle
Waltz You Saved For Me (D) **Recording in C** Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys - The King of Western Swing, CD D - The Waltz You Saved for Me
Red Wing (G)Asleep At The Wheel - Tribute to the Music of Bob Wills & the Texas Playboys - Red Wing
Golden Slippers (G)Sam Bush, David Grisman, Ronnie McCoury, Jesse McReynolds, Bobby Osborne, Ricky Skaggs, Frank Wakefield, Buck White & Del McCoury - Bluegrass Mandolin Extravaganza - Golden Slippers
Sitting on Top of the Mountain (G)Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys - Tiffany Transcriptions, Vol. 8: More of the Best - Sitting On Top of the World
Chicken Reel (D)Fiddlin Doc Roberts - Fiddlin Doc Roberts Vol. 2 1928 - 1930 - Chicken Reel

Teaching: Solo Development

• You have your melody, chords and scales to learn (of course), but there’s more…
• Tell a story >> Introduce characters, develop the plot, climax, resolve;
• Draw inspiration from emotions surrounding life circumstances >> eg. your boyfriend, someone you want to be your girlfriend, a favorite movie or piece of art, a situation you just experienced, etc;
• Tension & Release >> vary the register and speed of notes,  use repetition of ideas, explore consonant & dissonant harmony;
• Develop small melodic statements or motifs
• Call & Response >> have a conversation with yourself, a partner, or a musical group;
• Create variations on the melody
• Don’t be afraid to rest;

chop chop,

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