DAY 5 – Bluegrass Week @ Augusta

Here is the final day from Bluegrass Week at Augusta Heritage Camps.


As promised to my students, here is the link to Darol Anger’s drone CD.  It’s a great tool for fretless instrument intonation study. All 12 keys are well represented by the perfect 5th interval.

We spent our last day on two tunes.  The first was Brown County Breakdown. It’s a great 3 part tune in E. I taught my version, and then we transcribed one by Kenny Baker.

Brown County Breakdown (E) Kenny Baker - Kenny Baker Plays Bill Monroe - Brown County Breakdown

If you play the fiddle in public, chances are someone will ask you “Can you play The Devil Went Down to Georgia?” The truth is that it’s not really a fiddle tune, it’s a singing song. However, there’s an awesome tune by Vassar Clements that the fiddling part of TDWDTG is based off of called Lonesome Fiddle Blues. Next time you’re asked for the Devil song, you can satisfy the request with this fiddle tune.

Lonesome Fiddle Blues (Dm) Vassar Clements - Vassar Clements - The Bottom Line Encore Collection - Lonesome Fiddle Blues

The final day of camp ended with the student concert. My students performed their dazzling twin fiddle version of Wheel Hoss (which we learned the first day).

Thanks to all for a great week!

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