8vb Fiddle

20th Century Strad Copy

Intherited from my great grandfather Emmett Culligan (yes, the founder of Culligan water), this is now an octave fiddle. The strings are 2X normal diameter, so the same tension produces a note one octave below standard violin pitch. The label reads “No. 1080; 20th Century Stradivarius Violin; (Patented Aug. 25 1908)”

The following information comes from The Violin Makers of the United States by Thomas James Wenberg. ” Ulbrich-Tatter Violins. Operated in the United States. Original model with Guarneri-style f-holes. Top is made of many pieces of wood. Exaggerated bass bar, also used varius multiple bass bar configurations. Somewhat opaque, deep red varnish, highly crackeled. Received a patent on August 25, 1908.”

Thanks to Peter Seman of Seman Violins in Chicago for the information.




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