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I’m excited to announce the release of my first online lesson series. It’s a set of 5 downloadable videos focusing on the percussive bowing technique called The Chop, available in full HD resolution and Mobile-Ready versions. Knewsletter subscribers, Facebook Fans, and Twitter followers have the opportunity to download the entire series now. [Proceed to store]. On Sept. 22, all videos will be available individually. The HD versions come “pre-packaged” with the Mobile versions. Have a look at the video below to see what they’re like.

(Can’t see the video? Please view it here.)



“Casey Driessen has gone further into Chop Land than anybody, and has returned alive and grooving! He presents the results of his explorations in a clear and entertaining manner. Good meaty stuff.” – Darol Anger

“You’ve heard Casey Driessen’s heart-stopping, mind-blowing, earth-shattering rhythms and grooves. Now he teaches you how to do those amazing percussive techniques, breaking it all down in a thorough and complete manner, over the course of a number of clear and highly organized lessons that you can now acquire for a pittance! Of course you want to get that! I knew you would!” – Matt Glaser, Artistic Director, American Roots Music Program, Berklee College of Music


(Nashville, Tennessee – August 23th, 2011) – GRAMMY nominated genre bending five-string fiddler Casey Driessen will release an instructional video series for those hungry to learn his distinctive rhythmic bowing. “The chop” as it’s called is a new percussive bowing technique that is sweeping the violin family world. These high definition lessons give the curious, the fan, and fiddlers and violinists of all ages a chance to learn from one of the most innovative and versatile players on the circuit. Casey’s natural talent for music and wit join forces with his fun and quirky style to create an informative and entertaining personal lesson experience.
The videos, with picture in picture details, will be available for download in full HD as well as mobile-ready versions to take along the road. The instructional video series will include five different lessons, all focusing on “the chop.” Each video is approximately eight to ten minutes in length.



Chop 101: My First Chop
Chop 102: Cyclical Slant
Chop 103: Kick Drum
Chop 104: Bass Lines
The Triple Chop


CHOP SHOPS [Workshops]

To celebrate the release of my lesson series, I’ll be doing a short Colorfools tour (Jeff Sipe – drums, Alana Rocklin – Bass) and holding afternoon workshops before the shows. Enrollment is limited to 15 people. Please Visit the Gigs Page or the links below for more details and instructions to signup.

Wednesday, Sept. 28 – Emile Baran Violins, Decatur GA
Thursday, Sept. 29 – Poplar Knight Spot, Aberdeen NC
Friday, Sept. 30 – Brevard College, Brevard NC



Back when hurricane Irene crawled up the east coast, the Flecktones were on the way to play a show in NYC on Governor’s Island. Our set time was excactly the same as Irene’s scheduled arrival. Gig canceled. We had a few days off after this gig anyway, so we looked for a city out of the path to wait out the storm. Burlington, VT seemed like a good choice. Well, Irene came through VT and dumped flooding rains. Our hotel of refuge was safe but the surrounding areas were hit. I holed up in my room for 4 days and played. A new looping tune was born. I’ll play it for you someday.


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