Oog Featured on Darrell Scott’s NEW MOON | NEW MUSIC Series

My friend and musical instigator, Darrell Scott, has a new audio series called NEW MOON | NEW MUSIC which coincides with the new moon each month.

This month, he has featured Oog.

Darrell has this to say about New Moon | New Music:

“here will be an ever changing view of some of the things i do when i leave my home
& at times it may be demos, new songs, unreleased, or whatever strikes me to put up
-i may even have conversations about music w/ some of my friends & throw that up here
& sometimes, i may bring out music of friends of mine that you may not know—
i will treat NEW MOON | NEW MUSIC as an ongoing sonic love-letter to the world (okay, just a cyber love-letter to you)

i hope you enjoy”

I have a great amount of respect for Darrell’s honest and adventurous spirit in life – including but not limited to his music.  We have a great time making noise, eating food and finding inspiration. Be sure to pay him a visit once a month to see what he shares.  (And join us on the road too!)


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