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Pop Matters 20 Questions

Casey Driessen is a rather funky fellow. He wears red shoes.  He eats headphones at art museums.  Music-wise, you might call him the heir to Vassar Clements in that he too, straddles the line between roots and jazz.  If you’ve ever seen Driessen perform live you’ll swear his violin plays him. He’s a favorite at PopMatters and this time his violin let him do the talking to PopMatters 20 Questions to give you some clue, convoluted though it may be, as to why.  READ MORE ?>?>?>


USA Today

Uncontinental Breakfast makes it onto the USA Today playlist in which Oog is described as “Marvelous.”  VISIT THE PLAYLIST ?>?>?>

Pop Matters on Oog

As anyone who has read PopMatters’ interview with Casey Driessen knows, the fiddle virtuoso is kind of a eccentric fellow. For one, his fiddles all have an extra low string, giving him a fuller sound and separating him from all those wussy fiddlers who have to make do with only four strings. So it’s no surprise that this mad scientist-style eccentricity carries over to Oog, his second solo effort. And although the album’s title sounds like a caveman grunt, it’s actually a nod to M.C. Escher.  READ MORE ?>?>?>

Bold Life on Oog

If you think you’ve heard everything that can be done with a fiddle, perhaps you haven’t yet heard Casey Driessen.

He can imitate a deejay scratching, or an industrial accident. In Driessen’s hands the fiddle is a percussion instrument as well as a breathtaking melodic lead, a synthesizer and a songstress.  READ MORE ?>?>?>

Blog Critics on Oog

When you’re told that someone plays the violin, or even the fiddle, you would be forgiven for thinking their recording  would most likely be classical, country, or bluegrass music. Sure, there are occasional recordings of jazz music done by violinists and you’ll sometimes hear a violin as a featured instrument on a popular music CD, but those are exceptions to the rule. Therefore, when I was sent the newest Casey Driessen CD, Oog I wasn’t expecting anything much different from what I had heard from other musicians.

However, nothing you have heard before can quite prepare you for the experience of Casey Driessen. Although he’s playing the same instrument, more or less, that other violinists have played in the past, what he does with it, and the music he records, is altogether unique to him. Listening to Oog the first time was like stepping into a maelstrom… READ MORE ?>?>?> on Oog

As tough as it might be to categorize the music created by Casey Driessen and his magic fiddle, it’s easy stuff to listen to – welcoming and familiar while sounding like nothing you’ve ever heard before. The wide-open range of sounds and styles on Driessen’s newly-released Oog might leave you thinking you should tag a space on your CD shelf for “Afro/Celtic/Indian-Flavored Appalachian Music With Overtones From Outer Space” – but that’s up to you. Me, I’d just go the alphabetical route, forget about labels, and savor the music. READ MORE ?>?>?>

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