Here are a few tidbits of info and tips that might help.



Vides are 7-9 mins in length and available in 2 quality/size formats:

• High Definition (HD) -> 1280 x 720 pixels, 140MB – 190MB

• Mobile Ready -> 967 x 544 pixels, 80MB – 100MB

• Videos are in MP4 format.


Upon purchasing, you will receive a receipt with a link to download your item(s).

• Click link and download will begin.

• File will arrive in ZIP format and you will need to “unzip” or “unarchive” the file.

• ZIP file will turn into a folder containing your purchase.

• Recommended programs are iTunes or Quicktime.  Both can be downloaded free of charge for Mac or PC: iTunes Here / Quicktime Here.



“Where’s my stuff?!”

• The Casey Driessen Store is a self-fulfillment operation – meaning Casey himself is taking care of this. Gigging and touring can cause issues with rapid-fire mailing, but rest assured your order will be filled as soon as he gets home. Your patience and support is sincerely appreciated.

• If this purchase is a gift or has another type of deadline, please drop Casey a note.  While his dog and two cats are worthless for this type of action – and his 2yr old daughter is still in training – he can call in a favor or two.



• Don’t hesitate to send an email to and we’ll do our darndest to help. Thanks!


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