Who-Knews?-Letter #10

“Gonna Dance on the Floor and Around”

While wandering around North Hampton, MA last summer, killing time before soundcheck, I stumbled into a vintage clothing store (as I will do).  Suddenly a ray of sunlight burst through the ceiling, a choir of angels began singing the chorus from Thriller…and behold, The Jacket. Would it fit? YES! It did fit! There were just two things left to do, 1) buy it, & 2) not tell my wife.


Solo looped fiddles recorded and stacked live before your very eyes and ears (to a click track). While teaching at Mark O’Connor’s Fiddle Camp, we got the word that MJ was gone (yes, even at fiddle camp).  I worked up this version to pay tribute to MJ in my concert the following night.


I’ve been adding new photo galleries on a weekly basis. Galleries of specific trips will remain constant while others of specific subject matter (hydrants, greenhouse, aerials, creatures, etc.)  will grow over time.  Follow the thumbnails below:

Hydrants The Gang MI, NC, SC Charleston Barr Mansion Peoples Greenhouse Creatures Arials HoneyMoontreal North TX Lexington


“You don’t pick the tie, the tie picks you,” says Matt Mangano (bass, Colorfools). I’ve begun a new road/gig adventure. On the day of a show, I (and the Colorfools if they’re with me) visit a Goodwill or other used clothing store in the city of the gig. There, a tie will leap off the rack and cling to our necks for the evenings performance. New gig = another tie. Who knows, perhaps you’ll see me wearing one of your old ones!


I recently finished up a week of teaching at Mark O’Connor’s Fiddle Camp for its last year in Nashville. Each day, I held a jam – open to any and all that wanted to play some tunes. And each day, I blogged the tunes, their keys, and provided links to good versions on iTunes. I also gave a synopsis of my teaching for the day. I intend to continue my Jam Hour at the remaining 3 camps I have left this year. Here you go: DAY 1 / DAY 2 / DAY 3 / DAY 4 / DAY 5.


While out on the road touring festivals this summer, I plan on jamming. You want to pick, well, let’s play a tune…maybe I can round up a friend or two… I don’t know what time, what day, or even where, but I’ll figure it out once I get there. How will I let you know? If there’s cell service or Wifi, I’ll Twitter it, but you gotta Follow me on Twitter. If there’s no service, well, I’ll just be sitting out with my fiddle somewhere making noise – join me.


Thanks to all who participated in my Full Spectrum Music Giveaway.  Stay tuned for more contests in the future…


Oog Store Oog has embarked on its world travels. Perhaps it will become your soundtrack for a few moments – wherever you are, whatever you are doing. Have a listen online right now, or send yourself one today.

You can learn more by watching the Making of Oog and the Meaning of Oog, or read some words about it by others at Pop Matters and Blog Critics.

If you haven’t stopped by my website cASEYdRIESSEN.com or my Myspace recently, they’ve both been re-brained and redesigned.


The Colorfools have been out with our n’oo’g material. There’ve been gigs and culinary exploration with Darrell Scott. And a new adventure for me, I had my first run of solo solo shows — fiddle, voice, and pedalboard.  More of all as the year continues, including dates with Tim O’Brien, Steve Earle, and camps. Take a look at the column to the right or visit my Gigs Page.

And when I’m home, time is precious. 4 month old Emmette and I hang out with the pets, check on the vegetables and flowers, practice dance moves, run errands, and change diapers – to name a few highlights.

I hope this letter finds you well and I hope we cross paths this year at least once.  Be well and travel safe,


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