Who-Knews?-Letter #12

“And the Winner Is…?”


Here is the continuation of last month’s video in which I’m on the search for a fiddle stunt-double. I also visit the workshop where my fiddles were born and talk with their creator, John Silakowski. (Follow this link to Part 1 if you missed it last month…)


4 weeks have passed since the last Knewsletter – 4 new galleries are up. Bunches of photos from Béla Fleck’s spring Throw Down Your Heart tour with African musicians; Night-time shots in the northeast; Legoland at the Mall of America; and guilty rubber-necking.


As promised last month, here are all the ties that Matt Mangano, Tom Giampietro, and I bought for our gigs this year. In our defense, we didn’t always have a lot to work with at some of these thrift stores…but we made the best of it and certainly had fun. Anyone care to infer a bit about our personalities based on the ties that chose us? (click for larger versions)





This November and December (see right) I’m taking a gig with Béla Fleck & the Flecktones — on the crew — loading in, setting up the stage, counting merch, onstage show troubleshooting, loading out… For the first 3 weeks, harmonica/piano monster Howard Levy rejoins after 15yrs.  The next 3 weeks, saxophonist Jeff Coffin (now in the Dave Matthews Band) will jump back on board for holiday repertoire. I never leave home without my fiddle, so perhaps a few noise making opportunities will creep up.


[Here’s a feeler I put out last month. Thanks to all who responded so far.] While on the 6 weeks of Flecktones dates, I will have a photographic theme or two – something to document from place to place, gig to gig, a subject that will look different from night to night…. Dressing rooms? Hotel room/carpet/view? Chandeliers? Venue ceiling? Backstage graffiti? What would you be interested in seeing? I welcome ideas. Keep in mind that 2 weeks will be in Europe. Send ideas by replying to this email or info@caseydriessen.com.


Oog Store Oog never ceases looking for new life experience. Perhaps it will become your soundtrack for a few moments – wherever you are, whatever you are doing. Have a listen online right now, or send yourself one today.

You can learn more by watching the Making of Oog and the Meaning of Oog, or read some words about it by others at Pop Matters and Blog Critics.

If you haven’t stopped by my website cASEYdRIESSEN.com or my Myspace recently, they’ve both been re-brained and redesigned.


I had a 48hr action packed trip to San Francisco for the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, squeezing in sets with Steve Earle & the Bluegrass Dukes, Tim O’Brien, and Darrell Scott.  Below is a video of the Bluegrass Dukes from our set at Rockygrass this year (none from HSB have materialized on youtube yet…)

The following weekend, my band, The Colorfools, played our last set of 2009 in NC at the Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival. The pic below will give you the vibe…

have a great day.

please smell my feet and give me something good to eat,


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