Who-Knews?-Letter #15

“Looking for a Soul to Steal”


The experience of two weeks of touring this August with the Zac Brown Band was easily the biggest thing I’ve been a part of as a solo artist. I’d like to extend a big thanks to the whole traveling family that I was welcomed into.  We totaled 5 tour buses, 5 semis, and 57 people from city to city.  Soon I hope to introduce you to everyone through  a tour portrait series I did.  Our biggest show was Charlotte NC on Aug. 21 with 18,000 people.  I’m happy to announce that there will be four more shows coming up with ZBB at the beginning of November.

Please enjoy the following Good Vs. Evil fiddle duel of The Devil Went Down to Georgia. (If you don’t see the video, follow this link right here.)

9AM: Arrive venue on the bus. Crew begins to unload and set up the stage. We carry everything with us — lighting, complete sound system, all amps and instruments, video screens, stage set, and catering. 230PM: Stage is set.  ZBB soundcheck.  4PM: Support acts soundcheck (myself and the Wood Brothers). 5PM: Eat & Greet with ~150 fans and VIPs. (Early in the day, our Chef Rusty would venture into the city and find local food to prepare along with Southern Ground favorites and Zac Brown family recipes.  6PM: Tune, dress, and meet in Zac’s bus for vocal warmups. 7PM: My set for 25min. 730PM: Walk through the crowd (in red suit) to meet people while the Wood Brothers play. 815PM: ZBB takes the stage and rocks the house for 2.5hrs.  I sit in on “Who Knows,” a guitar/fiddle duel with Clay Cook, and on the classic good-vs-evil fiddle-off “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” with Jimmy DeMartini as Johnny and me as The Devil.  Our show would close with all 12 musicians on stage for our Last Waltz – my contribution being a version of “Working on a Building.”  11PM: I tear down my gear, sign autographs, then attend after show party/hang while the crew breaks everything down.  2AM: all buses and semis loaded and rolling down the road towards the next city…with band & crew catching a few hours of sleep before we do it all over again.  (See Photo Gallery)


My continuing photo journal of interesting visuals witnessed while on the road…Two current galleries and two past.  One from the road tour with ZBB, one is from the Zac Brown Band “Sailing Southern Ground” cruise down to Grand Cayman, one from a video shoot in southern CA, and one from a walk in Philly.


I’m once again offering a few free tickets for each upcoming ZBB show.  In exchange, you agree to go out into the crowd and pass out “Free Music Download” cards during and after my set, spreading around good Casey vibes. If you can find a friend to help, they can have a ticket too!  Just leave a comment on the Facebook event page for the show that you’d like to help at. Indianapolis, IN (Nov. 4), St. Louis, MO (Nov.5), Wichita, KS (Nov. 6), Kansas City, MO (Nov. 7). I’ll select winners at random a few days before the show.  I surely appreciate your help and support. You won’t be disappointed by your seats.


This knewsletter is being written from the sun deck of a ferry surrounded by mountainous wilderness saling from Powell River to Vancouver up in British Columbia.  I’m on a two week tour with Jayme Stone (banjo), Ross Martin (guitar) and Joe Phillips (bass) as we support Jayme’s new record Room of Wonders (on which I played). It’s a collection of folk dances from around the world: Bulgaria, Ireland, Brazil, Sweden, Norway, Italy, and America.  Check out the “making-of” below…  Look for us stateside in the spring of 2011.

(If you don’t see the video, follow this link right here.)


Oog Store Oog never ceases looking for new life experience. Perhaps it will become your soundtrack for a few moments – wherever you are, whatever you are doing. Have a listen online right now, or send yourself one today.

You can learn more by watching the Making of Oog and the Meaning of Oog, or read some words about it by others at Pop Matters and Blog Critics.

Don’t forget to stop by my website cASEYdRIESSEN.com once in a while for new photos, videos, and rambles.


When I have been home, I’ve been trying to do a bit of instigating of my own – this time in the form of party I’m calling the Red Shoe Stringjam. It’s a collection of whichever awesome music buddies happen to be in town – residing or visiting – along with other interesting like-minded creative types.  As life seems to get busier with family and travel, the jam/hang doesn’t happen as much as it used to, and I’m trying to fix that. So far, the gatherings have been at a great warehouse photography studio, but I’m seeking other rad and unusual locations around town for which to rotate this picking party.

Kick it off!


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