Who-Knews?-Letter #16

On the Road Again


Spring has sprung and summer is swinging hard! Dusty shadeless Bonnaroo hit 100ºF and then a week later in Telluride CO it snowed.  And there I was, up in Saskatoon experiencing spring once again (and vicious mosquitos!).

Two festival highlights so far this year are Merlefest (hosting Midnight Jam full of unconventional jams and juggles – seriously) and Telluride Bluegrass Fest (sitting in on late night sets with the Punch Brothers and Mumford & Sons, and a powerful Father’s Day Gospel set with Darrell Scott, Buddy Miller, Patty GriffinAbigail WashburnKai Welch, and Bob Hemenger).

Please enjoy the following fan balcony cam of the acoustic Amazing Grace with Mumford & Sons, Punch Brothers, Sarah Jarosz Band, and Abigail Washburn & the Village. (If you don’t see the video, follow this link right here.)

The early part of this year was a jigsaw of different gigs…a new Greencards record in January; my trio, the Colorfools, touring in February and April; travel with Jayme Stone‘s Room of Wonders in March; and a scattered smattering of other shows – solo pedal board looping, Darrell Scott duos, Wayfaring Strangers, Duhks, Zac Brown Band, Jonathan Scales and Ben Sollee.

(Here’s my tune, Hunt for the Quail Egg, from a recent Colorfools gig – Alana Rocklin on bass, Jeff Sipe on drums. If you don’t see the video, follow this link right here.)

Since late May, I have [mostly] left behind the myriad of different gigs – trading the jigsaw (gigsaw?!) for nearly a year of touring with Béla Fleck & the Flecktones through April 2012. They’ve reunited with Howard Levy – the diatonic harmonica / piano phenom not seen with them in 17yrs.  The new record is called Rocket Science, on which I had the pleasure of bonus track fiddling on the tune Wolf Laurel [find it here].  Please check the gig list [to the right] to see when we’re near you.


My continuing photo journal of interesting visuals witnessed while on the road…Two current galleries and two past.  Snap snap, click click. You will find the recent protests in Madison WI, foot adventures and nighttimes in New York City, mountainous Telluride CO to a SF Bay Area home stay with very interesting art, and a stunning lift bridge in Duluth MN.


• Skills & Techiques

I’m making preparations to release “Skills & Techniques with Casey Driessen” – groups of short downloadable lesson videos focused on a specific topic.  The first series will concentrate on different aspects of a percussive bowing technique called “The Chop.”  Stay tuned for more info.

• United States Artists Projects

I’ve just accepted an invitation to participate in United States Artists Projects (USA Projects). This organization helps connect boundary pushing artists of all disciplines with willing donors and supporters. I’ll begin the fund raising process later this year for a project I’m not quite ready to talk about yet – what I can tell you is I’ve been hard at work, deep underground in my fiddle laboratory, developing some techniques for it.  To learn more about featured artists, their projects, and the organization, click here


Oog Store Oog never ceases looking for new life experience. Perhaps it will become your soundtrack for a few moments – wherever you are, whatever you are doing. Have a listen online right now, or send yourself one today.

You can learn more by watching the Making of Oog and the Meaning of Oog, or read some words about it by others at Pop Matters and Blog Critics.

Don’t forget to stop by my website cASEYdRIESSEN.com once in a while for new photos, videos, and rambles.


Friends, I have a problem. Plants. Plants for the house and plants for the yard. I’m no green thumb but I give it a good go. I water (sometimes too much).  I feed.  I pay attention to light.  I read.  I learn (hopefully).  Instead of a bedtime book, I peruse the pages of the Encyclopedia of Garden Plants (when I’m home anyway ’cause that thing is big!)  For a good time on the weekend, I go to the nursery and let my imagination run.

My big news: I just acquired my first 4 plants to bonsai (2 junipers, a boxwood, and a cotonester) – along with a bonsai book for father’s day.  I’ve always marveled at the art and figured it might be a good match for a guy with long stretches away and a tendency to tinker.

Anyone else into this? Any tips for me? Perhaps I’ll share a time-lapse in a few years.

Snip snip, snap snap, and wait for it,


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